The great things of God for our generation.

Ricardo Rodrigues Figueiredo, or Rick, Ri, and Pr Ricardo, as is, is myself.

Official theme of things I can say that God has done in our lives early this year.

And how has it changed not only my life, but the fountainhead of many nations and by.

God has created in our hearts a generation of revivalists. A generation of young people who carry not only the revival, not just the Kingdom, not only the Holy Spirit, but all channels are in desolate places and nobody paid anything, and people who do not give anyone a chance, are achieved by this love that we generated from the beginning, the love of the Father.

And that love has changed the mindset of a generation of an insane way. In a way they never imagined living nor, as it is in Corinthians, which is not living nor hear, nor our heart felt, this is what God has prepared for those who love Him, and has been sealed it in us that time.

Sometimes we grow both in ourselves, and forget the flame of first love, the flame of the Holy Spirit in us, and we won things and say we have to be, it should be the opposite, we must be to have. We can not move through things and sustain us in our achievements, but to be what the Lord has called us, their children.

And what happened in the summer retreat, Next Generation Conference in the Holy Spirit, Light the Fire, was something that was beyond my expectations and I believe an entire generation. Like I say, it was insane, it was something far beyond all that we can somehow measure, at all times, to leisure, the presence of the Lord was present, and only entered the place we were taught, were taught by the glory of the Lord.

I can tell you with certainty, we enter another level, we enter into the heavenly places, walked into places in the heart of God who never imagined enter, live and what would not in our minds, and our beloved Holy Spirit continues to minister at all, fire must continue.

We were made for intimacy. Not that intimacy that we say we have, but something much deeper and transformer that makes us not only to hear the Lord’s voice, but speak their language and live as He lived here on earth. I always make an outcry, that I be like you Jesus as the living Lord lived, speak as the Lord spoke and I have an intimacy that you change my world and the world of many around me. And He can do this but, I believe, and your life too.

God has done so many things, was something incredible, I can not describe. Perhaps this account, that part of an expression, you can fill the same fire I’m full, and will not stop, believe it, wherever you are, this message is multiplied and you are filled, flooded, enlivened by the Lord and the his glory!

And the revival begins in us, Romans 12:1 and 2 is summarized in the mindset that we should have the mentality of the Kingdom of God and to change our world and the whole world, why do not we settle, why not accept that world preaches, because our life, our heart and our mind are the Kingdom of Heaven. And when we move in that mindset, it’s as if we float on top of the crises, problems, and crises do them opportunities for the Kingdom to be spread without end.

And we are the Kingdom that never ends you know that? The Kingdom of God has access keys, and one of the keys is worship. The key that moves the seat and the table, the two linear that the Lord loves and is calling us to intimacy, that we were created without corruption, without fear, without pain, but in His sweet presence that is real here.

But it also has access from the days of John the Baptist, by violence, fighting, always has a ceiling of faith that must be broken and when broken, new things will come. God always has something new for us, but we have to always break to grow in Him, He always has more in every day of our lives, believe it.

The fire of the Lord can not stop this right? The retreat is not over, and life with God does not, call that quickly spread among the nations, and that your message will reach many lives you have no idea, and change their lives in the name of Jesus.

Dreams of the Lord can be restored in our lives, all of them, even those who bury all, we throw away because we think it would not work, that would waste energy and resources, but in the Lord’s hands they can change the world, never stop dreaming. Never stop believing in God’s best for you, for home, for its history, for their generation, for everything and everyone around you, because He will make everyone in your time believe it and fight for it.

A dream, to go to Brasilia in early August, the New Generation Conference, go Jau, knowing Luara Fardin, go places I’ve never been, and live what ever lived, be like Jesus multiplying the kingdom of His Son as love and grace, simplicity, and power of heaven, with my team, whether ministry of praise and word, anyway, but go, is my calling, is the flame that should never stop and never delete.


(8) never left me, your love got me and I’m yours. Completely yours, completely yours! (8)

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